Pick 2 Travel Soy Candles


Pick 2 Travel Soy Candles


Please choose 2 scents from the list below:

  • Amber & Moss: with notes of sage, oakmoss, and sandalwood, this complex fragrance will transport you to a place of comfort and calmness.

  • Cactus & Agave: with notes of agave, chrysanthemum, and aloe, this lively scent will cheer you up all summer long. 

  • Fig: with notes of patchouli, fig, and orange, this musky yet sweet scent will add a touch of sophistication to your home.

  • Grapefruit Mint: with notes of grapefruit, rose, and mint, this juicy fragrance will put a hop in your step.

  • Green Tea Lemongrass: with notes of lemongrass, green tea, and cedar, this gentle and spa-like scent will transport you to immediate relaxation.

  • Lavender: with notes of lavender, cedar, and bergamot, this is a great fragrance to wind down with for some much needed me-time.

  • Orange Blossom: with notes of jasmine, neroli, and sandalwood, this is the ideal fresh and delicate fragrance anytime you need a pick me up.

  • White Tea: with notes of bergamot, thyme, and chrysanthemum, this clean fragrance will add a touch of refinement to your home.

  • NEW! Coffee: with notes of coffee, sugar, and cream, this comforting scent smells just like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

  • NEW! Spiced Cider: with notes of apple spice, cedar wood, and cinnamon, your home will smell as if you have been mulling cider for hours.

  • NEW! Toasted Pumpkin: with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and buttercream, this scent is the definition of crisp fall days and sweater weather.

Hand-poured in a portable and reusable 4oz travel tin, these candles burn for approximately 20 hours. Sticker is easily removable, leaving no residue behind. Perfect for adding warmth to your office space, hotel room, or powder bathroom.

Made in Queens, New York, ILHA Candles are carefully handcrafted with cotton wicks, natural soy wax, and toxin free fragrances.

Tin height: 1.75”
Tin diameter: 2.5”

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